Keeping you informed on OEM production delays

Need to know: Ongoing ordering impacts

September 22, 2021 

Acquisition challenges are continuing to evolve due to OEM production delays stemming from the global microchip shortage. Element is in constant communication with OEMs and committed to providing you the most up to date information.

Keeping you informed

OEM discussions reinforce a continued challenge to meet the high demand for vehicles. With this in mind, it is critical to prioritize placing MY2022 vehicle orders as we anticipate ordering cut offs to potentially ramp up quickly and without advanced notice.

Element is here to help navigate the urgency of swift ordering action

As this situation develops, these tips will help create a smooth ordering process that helps you get your order in queue quickly:

  • Ensure you have reviewed and approved all fleet specs. Remember that batch orders/large volume orders, as a best practice, should have fleet specs created and client approved.
  • Set up all new drivers in Element’s system prior to submitting a request for Order entry.
  • When submitting a batch ordering spreadsheet to Element, the spreadsheet cannot be manipulated in any way and all mandatory fields should be reviewed to ensure data accuracy.
  • For selector ordering, drivers should submit orders as quickly as possible.
  • If you are requesting a specific courtesy delivering dealer that might not exist in our network, please work with your Element account representative on dealer setup.
Additional resources

As we face this challenging ordering season together, Element’s Chad Christensen, Strategic Consulting, shares Three ways to optimize your fleet amidst the microchip shortage.

Element also continues maintaining with additional resources as OEMs assess impacts to assembly. Access Build-out and Start-up Dates for additional ordering cut-off information.

Reminder about what this means for you and your fleet

As the industry microchip shortage persists and we pursue alternative avenues for vehicle acquisition, Element is aware of challenges regarding extremely limited dealer fleet inventory, as well as retail inventory.  

Given these added pressures, we ask you to please work with Element to carefully weigh the risks of placing an upfit order in queue.

Please continue to look for updates from Element on the OEM Parts Shortage Webpage

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