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Don’t know where to begin when it comes to electrifying your fleet?

You need a partner who’s already leading the charge with proven solutions that simplify the process for you.  From sourcing vehicles to installing charging stations to easing the financial and administrative burden, and beyond, Element is ready, so you can take charge.

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The EV Pilot Readiness Guide brings clarity to the start of your EV journey. Find out which stakeholders to engage, review core fleet management considerations, and learn what to expect from your pilot.

Top 5 lessons learned from EV pilots

An electric vehicle (EV) pilot is the most effective way for fleets to transition to an electric future. Over the past year, Element has helped clients take charge of their electrification journey through EV pilot design, process implementation, and charging installation.

The Element team’s knowledge & expertise on the Electric Vehicle landscape helped Labatt to take our Electric Vehicle Pilot from a dream to a reality. They supported us across all aspects of the program – vehicle selection, ordering, charging, rep selection, and more to make our pilot the best that it can be!

Richard Waller, Sales Capabilities Manager

Labatt Breweries of Canada

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the total cost of ownership (TCO) for electric vehicles (EVs) compare to internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles?

For comparable vehicles (similar type and use case), EVs are typically more expensive than ICE vehicles as lease related costs tend to be higher. That being said, operating costs such as fuel and maintenance are typically lower for EVs and falling battery costs are expected to bring TCO parity by 2024 to 2026 for many light duty vehicles. Element has a robust lifecycle cost model, comparing EV and ICE vehicle models to help you make informed decisions when it comes to vehicle selection. 

What options are available in terms of public/home/office infrastructure? How can I navigate the decision for my fleet?

We recommend assessing driver eligibility to determine which drivers are most suitable to transition to EVs considering factors such as average daily mileage and the vehicle range required. Element can help you assess the best scenarios for your fleet. We have strong collaborations with charging and infrastructure service companies such as Qmerit who provide home charging and installation solutions, EnelX who provides residential and commercial charging equipment, and ChargePoint in collaboration with WEX who help our clients with public charging solutions integrated into their fuel reporting and billing processes.

How can my drivers be reimbursed for charging costs?

Reimbursement can be more simple than it seems. Element provides reimbursement guidance catered to your organization that can vary from leveraging existing expense management processes to fixed fees and direct energy reimbursement. Technical capabilities tend to be the limiting factor on options and will evolve as the market matures.

As companies navigate the complexities of electrifying their fleets, Enel X is proud to partner with Element to provide their customers with access to grid-responsive smart charging stations that help maximize EV infrastructure investments.

Carlos Gonzalez, Vice President of Global Business Development

Enel X e-Mobility North America

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